Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Prepare your car for auto transport

You can transport your car by truck, rail or ship in some cases. The preferred auto transport service method is door to door. Auto hauler may pick up the car on site and deliver it either at your door or if you have narrow streets they may call you and meet you in a parking lot close to you. Another cheap method to ship your vehicle is terminal to terminal. This type of service is less expensive. Auto hauler may pick the car from the terminal close to your house and deliver the car to the terminal close to your destination.

Before transporting your vehicle, make sure it is in working condition and fluids are not leaking. Check your tires inflation. Your car should have gas. Take photographs of the car so that you can keep a record of the damages in your car. Keeping a record may help you know what damages have occurred while transporting it and claim for damages from the company. Wash the car as damage is more visible when your car is clean. Turn off any alarms. If there are any personal items, do remove them .