Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To Get Certain Details About Vehicle Transport Company

Get certain details before handing over the car to Vehicle Transport Company:
  • Get vehicle inspection report from car transport company
  • Delivery information
  • Note down current mileage
  • Details pertaining to condition of the car
Get all the details in writing. Make sure your car is inspected while pick up and delivery. In case of damage, do get reimbursement for damages from auto transport company.

Get quotes of nearly 5-10 auto companies from Internet. You must enter all information correctly to receive the exact rate. Most auto transport quotes that you receive from various websites are for operable, standard passenger vehicles. For vintage cars extra money has to be paid because of its size and weight. Make sure you are licensed, bonded and insured. Read if possible reviews from other customers, paying particular attention to negative reviews.

Once you have short listed the companies, find out how they conduct business. Get information like pick up dates, price, transit time and conditions. Avoid low priced company. They will not provide proper facilities. Before signing the contract read it properly. Be aware of hidden fees that are listed in the small print on the contract. Do check that the company is a member of Better Business Bureau, bonded, licensed and Insured. You can find that this industry has many uncertain factors that can create delays such as waiting for earlier customers at pick up or delivery, weather, mechanical problems and road congestions for multi car carriers. Do remember these things before selecting an auto transport company.