Friday, May 4, 2012

What time of year is best to ship a car?

It is tough to gauge when prices will be lowest, because the cost of diesel fuel plays a large role. And fuel price fluctuations are influenced by irregular events, such as the recent embargo on Iran oil. However, if you do not have time constraints on when you ship your car, keep the following in mind for finding lower prices:
Fuel Prices Tend to Rise in the summer
Summertime is when more people travel and consume more fuel, so fuel prices in general tend to rise across the US. Therefore, prices for shipping your vehicle are likely to be a bit higher in the summer.
Prices Tend to Increase for Snowbirds
A high demand from snowbirds who head south for the winter and north for the summer can affect prices. So, if you are shipping your car south in the fall or shipping it north in the spring, prices can be a bit higher.
While prices do vary by time of year, the best time to ship your car is when it is most convenient for you. Even taking the above issues into account, seasonal fluctuations in price are typically 10-15% of the price or less.