Thursday, May 3, 2012

Do I Need to Give My Keys to the Car Shipping Company?

Typically, you do give your keys to the driver of the car carrier. This allows the driver to easily load and unload your vehicle. If you do not provide your keys to the driver, then your car is considered inoperable (cannot be driven). An inoperable vehicle requires special equipment to get your vehicle onto the car carrier and typically increases the cost of shipping your car.
Even though you give your car keys to the driver of car carrier, your vehicle is typically only driven onto the car carrier at pick up and off the carrier during drop-off.  In some instances, your vehicle may also be driven on or off the car carrier while in transport in order to move other vehicles on or off the car carrier.
Other than that, your vehicle should not be driven during the car shipping process. If you have any concerns that it was driven excessively, you can compare the current mileage to the mileage on your pick-up paperwork (typically known as the bill of lading).