Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Four Questions You Should Ask an Auto Transport Company

Asking your auto transport service representative questions when securing your service is a great deal like asking your doctor questions during your regular check up – without asking important questions, you might miss out on special savings or important information about your service. In addition, asking your service representative questions (especially before ordering your first car shipping service) can help you determine whether or not an auto transport is legitimate and experienced. With many auto shipping scams plaguing the market, making sure that an auto shipping company is licensed and registered is a very important task before parting with your hard earned money.
1. Where are you located?
For auto shipping brokers, location is normally not a significant factor in predicting the speed of any auto shipping service. Instead, asking about the location of an auto shipping company helps you determine whether the company maintains a real, physical office or whether they are purely an online operation. Finally, you might be surprised to find out that the company is located close enough to your location for you to stop by and meet with a representative face to face.
2. Do you have any licenses or proof of insurance?
This is another important question that can help you determine whether or not the company is legitimate and can protect your vehicle in the event of a theft or accident. Licenses are only granted to companies that can prove that they have the means to offer their services and have insurance to protect their customers. Typically, the service representative will provide with a number that you can use to look up their company and verify their information before booking your service.
3. What goes into the auto shipping process?
It is important to know how a company handles auto shipments. Some companies have major differences in how they perform car shipping services – especially differences between brokers and companies that maintain their own freight of haulers. Finally, asking about the auto shipping process can help you determine whether or not your car shipping service representative knows the process and actually works with the company.
4. Is door to door shipping available?
One of the ways in which to evaluate the knowledge and experience of the service representative (as well as obtain some information about your service) is to ask specific service questions that a legitimate auto transport company should be able to answer. For example, asking about door to door shipping can help you plan for where your vehicle will be picked up and where it can be dropped off.