Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cost of transporting your car vs. Driving your car

Do you really know what it cost per mile to drive your car? According to the IRS standard mileage rates for 2012, they report it costs 55.5 cents per mile to drive your car. That’s just about right if you are driving a Toyota Camry that costs under $25,000, but that figure falls way short if you prefer driving an SUV or luxury sedan. According to True Cost to Own Calculator, a Lexus Rx350 SUV costs the owner .76/mile to own and a BMW 7 Series, a whopping $1.35/mile to own.
Transporting your car long distances on a car carrier will actually cost you much less than driving. Though transport costs vary depending on your location, time of year you are transporting your car, to what fuel prices are doing, we believe we can save you money.
Able Auto Transport is happy to provide you with a quote to move your car today. It’s quick and easy with no obligation. We think you will be pleased with your savings.