Monday, February 20, 2012

UK Charges for Car Shipping

Due to a range of cost increases, including a substantial rise in Portsmouth terminal charges, we regret that we have to increase our below charges with effect from Klipper Stream v 54, ex Portsmouth 3rd January 2012, to new levels as follows:

Standard Shipping Note

Cargo delivered at Portsmouth without Standard Shipping Note, per delivery: £24.

Terminal Handling Charge (FCL) : £87 per 10'; £115 per 20'; £130 per 40'.

Terminal Handling Charge (Breakbulk/LCL)

General cargo measuring up to 6 cubic metres per 1000kgs: £16.00 per 1000kgs

(Above 6 cubic metres per 1000 kgs: refer for price)

Hazardous cargoes and alcohol or spirits: £21 per 1000kgs.

Steel, unpalletised sheets, beams, plates, reels, angles, tubes, pipes, coils, bars etc:
Up to 7.5 metres long: £25 per 1000kgs, exceeding 7.5 metres: £30 per 1000kgs.

Cars (including 4 wheel drive passenger): £55 per car.
Vehicular cargo other than cars: £55 minimum for first 1000kgs, then £16.00 for each additional 1000kgs or part.

Temperature Controlled cargo: £30 per 1000kgs (including Cold Store handling. transport to the terminal and terminal handling).

Yachts/craft: £80 per 1000kgs or £10 per cubic metre (greater of).