Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Car train network in Europe

Car trains in not a feature in the regular train schedules. Europe’s  DB Autozug operates services from seven bases in Germany to ten destinations in France, Austria and Italy.
Other car train operators to bear in mind are:
  • ÖBB (Austrian Railways): Six routes within Austria plus international services to Germany and Italy
  • Trenitalia: Six routes within Italy
  • SNCF Auto-Train: Some two dozen routes within France including some very useful cross-country links, such as from France’s Atlantic coast to the Riviera or Brittany to Alsace
  • Optima Tours run the Optima Express which makes a big leap across the Balkans from Austria to Turkey.
There are useful domestic services in Croatia and Finland, plus of course a large number of short-hop car trains that transport vehicles and their passengers through Alpine tunnels, under the English Channel or to offshore islands linked by rail causeways to the mainland.