Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tips to Transport Your Vehicle Safely

For most of the families, a car is the greatest financial commitment they have ever made. Bringing that car to a new home is a significant factor in shifting.

Options for transporting a vehicle:

A car can be shifted with your household goods or with an auto transport company. To move your vehicle more efficiently, it’s very important to know about varies shifting methods such as open trailers and closed trailers. The type of the trailer you need will be based on the type of the car and the destination where you are going to shift.

Safety Auto Transport

Open Trailer:

Open trailer is the most famous and significantly used trailer where multiple vehicles numbered from 10-12 can be shift at a time.


Less cost than closed one

Cost is measured only by the weight of the car.


They are subjected to external factors like rain, snow, bad weather conditions and pollutions.

Closed Trailer:

Closed trailer is the enclosed one. It is mostly used for shifting costly and expensive cars like Bugati Veyron Super Sports, Ferrari Enzo, SSC Ultimate Aero etc that need to be protected.


It is a best method for the protection of the car


More expensive than open trailer

Car Insurance:

You have to ask the company for the copy of the vehicle insurance Certificate since it is very important while shifting costly vehicles.

Free Auto Transport Quote:

Free Auto transport quote is a free service that helps you to shift your expensive car in a best and safety way. You have to do only one thing that is just filling the Free Auto Transport Quote and send to us.

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