Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Things you should watch out for when shipping your vehicle

·  We put this first because we feel it is most important. NEVER pay any upfront deposit or fee. You should not have to pay any fees until the vehicle is loaded on the truck and in transit.
·  When you go online and put your information in for online quotes your info is sold to brokers who will call and email you their price and services. You should hire the company who you feel most comfortable with and only after you have called to their office.  If it is a hassle to get hold of them when you are placing your order what will it be like if something goes wrong?
·  Any broker that claims to be a carrier also still has no intention of shipping your vehicle on their own truck. Many carrier-brokers use this line to secure your business,when in fact they don’t have anywhere near the amount of trucks it would take to cover all the routes they are calling on. There is a reason they hold a brokers license as well as a carriers license.
·  If the price sounds to good to be true then it is!  The lowest price is usually given by a bait and switch company. This will be obvious because they will charge your card usually within 24 hrs of you placing the order and long before your vehicle is picked up.
·  All brokers pull there trucks from the same pool. You want to know your truck’s central dispatch rating before your vehicle is picked up. You also want a copy of their insurance. FMSCA dictates that all trucks must carry both cargo and liability but like any government run agency they are not responsible for verifying the trucks insurance.