Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Car Moving via Train

While most car shipping companies primarily use trucks for transporting vehicles, some do offer car shipping via train. The way it typically works is that a truck picks up your car at your home or where you work. It delivers it to the train that hauls it close to your final destination. Another truck delivers it from the train to your final destination.
The main advantage of shipping via train is that it can be less expensive if you are shipping along a major train route. However, if it does not fall along a train route, it is less likely to provide any savings over shipping via truck.
The major disadvantage of shipping via train is that it typically takes longer than shipping via truck. It can take 2-4 weeks to ship a car across the US. This is because of the train schedules plus coordinating pickup and delivery via truck.
If you do not mind waiting longer for your car to be delivered, then you might want to consider shipping your car via train. Ask your car shipping company if they offer that option and whether it is price competitive for your destination.