Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Avoid moving scam

The number of moving companies is increasing like never before. This is because thousands of people are relocating every day. But how to find a dependable moving company is among the most asked questions by the consumers. You have to be precise while selecting movers since some of the local companies do not have right equipments or even a moving truck. There are also stories when people were scammed by so called movers. Some companies would win over with their low moving rates or professional services, but the reality is that they may not have the true signs of reliable company.
The important thing to be mentioned is that the moving company has to prove themselves that they can offer professional services to their customers. There are positive measures that show towards reputable movers. The most important sign of a fine company is that they would take moving inventory before the moving date. Usually they carry a pre move inventory if they take the job seriously. They would provide you with a moving quote after evaluating your household items instead of pressuring you to hire their services. Most of the moving companies will do this for free. Therefore if any company that you call are not willing to go over your items, chances are there that they are not serious about your move.
Normally the movers offer their customers with three types of moving estimates; the binding, nonbinding and binding not to exceed estimate. You can be certain of the trustworthiness of the moving company if they provide at least two type of estimates. It is crucial to verify if the company would offer you with a copy of “your rights and responsibilities when you move” if it is an out of state move. Generally a good moving company would provide their customers with this booklet. You certainly would like to know about additional charges for other supplemental services provided by the movers. Be sure that you clear up everything referred with additional charges with the movers. The best part is that a professional moving company would advise everything about extra fees in the first place. They would not ask for extra money at last and make a hassle there.
Before hiring any moving company, you need to make clear all the questions with them. If the company has nothing to hide they would always answer any questions you ask. Also inquire about the damage claim process if anything would happen to your possessions during the transportation. Professional movers would certainly satisfy you with correct answers.