Monday, April 16, 2012

AutoTransport – What to expect when shipping your car

Most people will go on the internet and place a inquiry to a third party site for multiple quotes. That company in turn sells your information to a broker. The broker will work up a price quote of what they feel it will cost to move the vehicle plus add a commission for their service. This process should bring you price quote with in $300 of each other, meaning the difference between the highest and lowest quote should be approximately $300. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Some brokers will add an outrageous broker fee to their quote while others will just try to get your business with a low price that does not leave enough money for the truck.
In the first instance they will try to be the first contact and get you to sign with them before you have a chance to speak with anyone else. You will here lines of “I have a truck in your area…” , “We will not be able to hold a spot for you if you don’t sign now..” and “Our trucks are filling fast..”.These are just some of the high pressure sales techniques used to get your business. 99% of all brokers do not own trucks and the other 1% has a broker’s license for a reason. Do not expect a company to send a truck they own, even if they do own trucks.
In the latter case they will sell you on a price that is unrealistic. Once you are signed on at the lower price you will be in for a unpleasant experience. Undoubtedly you will hear excuses as why they must raise your price. The number one line given for price raising is ” We have a truck that can pick up your vehicle but he is outside our usual network of carriers.” These practices are what gives brokers a bad name.
The person who went with the higher priced quote will surely get their vehicle moved in a timely manner,but will also spend more than necessary. The higher priced companies are usually named after a national firm that is well recognized. For the most part these companies are completely unaffiliated. They will use the recognizable name to add false value to their services.
The customer who went with the lowest price will be in for a stress filled experience, with missed deadlines and false promises. These brokers will try to make you feel trapped by their contract. The contract that was written in legalese with cancellation fees and unrealistic performance dates ie; 30 days from first availability to have vehicle picked up. DO NOT FEEL TRAPPED !! Your credit card company can be your biggest asset against such companies.
Your strongest tool can be the one you started with…the internet. Check the companies out prior to signing or agreeing to anything. Check their ratings on Check their Better Business Bureau rating. Call them back to ask questions, if you cannot get someone on the phone in a timely manner to ask questions, where will they be when you need them.
Those companies who are in the middle with their price are usually your safest bet. But still check them out. Look for companies who are responsive to your requests, courteous in your conversations, and give a direct line to your sales person. Feel comfortable with them. Be sure to express your expectations as well as your time line for your shipment. If you are having problems with a company or a salesperson ask to speak with an owner. Most reputable auto shipping brokers will have an owner who is responsive to your concerns.
In conclusion do not get sold. Make your broker earn your business. Sales people in this business are not unlike car salesman. Pay no deposit before your vehicle is picked up. Your boss does not pay you in advance of services so why should you pay your broker in advance. Remember they work for you. Ultimately it comes down to your due diligence in choosing a broker. If you do not do the footwork it will be you that suffers.
Last is our plug. If you need any assistance, whether you have already booked with another company and having problems, or just looking to get some factual information, please feel free to call us. We have helped many people in dealings with their broker free of charge. If your broker is doing the right thing we will tell you to stay with them and give advice as to how to expedite your move.