Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Global Auto Shipping to United Kingdom


International auto shipping to the United Kingdom can be quite difficult.  The website containing the information on their rules and procedures is complicated and does not have all of the information in one area, in regards to shipping vehicles.  There are many, many rules and things to know when shipping a vehicle to the United Kingdom.  International auto shippers can be a great benefit to those looking to ship to any of the countries in the United Kingdom.
The United Kingdom is the name used when describing the countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  The custom laws for all of these countries are the same and all follow the information found on the UK custom’s website.  Instead of attempting to navigate their complicated import processes, it is a good idea to leave your shipping to professionals.  Not being fully versed on custom procedures could result in an extended stay in a port, high fees or deportation of the car or even yourself.  The process of shipping to the United Kingdom is a little different than shipping to other countries.
In order to keep drugs, weapons and environmental threats out of a country, most countries have strict International auto shipping policies.  Vehicles were used for quite awhile to smuggle drugs, weapons and other dangerous things (including people) into countries.  In order to avoid this, those wishing to ship their vehicles from America to the UK must follow their strict procedures to the very letter.  Vehicles are broken down into a number of different categories and each and every vehicle in port must be declared by their category.  The main categories are cars, trucks, goods vehicles, tractors, military, classics and their parts, motorcycles, mopeds and cycles with a motor.  After you have declared your vehicle in one of these categories, you must then declare its subcategory.  For example, if you are importing a car you must first declare it a car and then a station wagon or a sedan or whatever it is.
There is then a commodity code that needs to be looked up.  International auto shipping services have these codes readily available or they know how to easily look them up and find out what they are.  Missing any information could mean an extended stay in a port and those storage fees tend to be quite pricey.  They can really break the bank for someone looking to ship their vehicle because the fees are just so high.
The UK has many fees to consider when thinking about International auto shipping to their country.  There are tariffs and trade tariffs to consider.  These tariffs must be paid in order to pick up one’s vehicle.  There are also fees to file paperwork, store a vehicle, register a vehicle and more.  Most of these fees are known by a good shipping service and they can determine approximately what their customer owes when shipping a vehicle to the United Kingdom.  The fees are basically the same whether one is shipping to England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.  The best option for any American who isn’t already familiar with the ever changing, complicated import procedures for the UK should contact a shipper right away to alleviate some of the stress this process can cause.
There are forms that need to be had on hand when importing a vehicle into the UK.  More than likely those looking to import are going to need a copy of import form C88.  This important document can be retrieved on the UK import website or through one’s International auto shipping service.  Sometimes when using an auto shipping service this form isn’t even needed due to the high frequency with which the International auto shipper travels back and forth from the port and the USA.  This alone alleviates a lot of the frustration an American may have when shipping their vehicle.
There are many things that can happen once a vehicle arrives in UK ports.  The vehicle may be detained for any reason.  There will be extensive and thorough searches and inspections.  There may be a need for an extended hold.  If a customer chooses an unreliable shipping service something may go wrong and your vehicle may be detained, resulting in high fees.  Worse than that you vehicle may be deported and you will be required to pay even higher fees to have your vehicle returned back to the United States.