Sunday, March 4, 2012

Container Shipping

This service is mainly for those customers wishing to ship their Car in a safe and enclosed environment. We offer high quality shipping containers at competitive prices. Our containers are designed and manufactured to transport cargo via ship, truck and rail.
We also offer a complete delivery and collection service of our containers, meaning that you can load or unload anywhere in the UK. Cars can either be exported in 20-foot containers, or in 40-foot containers combined with the owner's household goods. These are secured in the container by cables and straps that hold them in place.
The greatest advantage of shipping your Car in a container is security as it ensures that your Car would not be dented and scratched during loading and unloading or knocked about during the sea voyage.
At the same time, sealed containers eliminate the risk of having your car stereo and other accessories stolen. If you plan to ship spare parts with your Car, the only good option is by containers.