Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Car Shipping Companies - Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle

One great idea they give in the article is to wash your car. Seems silly since it is just being taken from one location to another. But this is a great way to note any dings or dents before shipment, so if you see anything new at its destination, you can make a claim. The article states that most car shipping companies will inspect your vehicle prior to loading and discuss with you the current state of the vehicle as well.
Another great tip from the article is to make sure to remove any personal items or specialty parts from your vehicle. car shipping companies won’t insure these items for damage or loss which will only cause a hassle for you in the end. On other thing mentioned you may not have thought of was to keep your gas tank low. Gas is heavy and very little is needed for transporting your vehicle. Keeping your tank low, will make your car lighter, and save you some cash.