Thursday, December 2, 2010

Easy ways to bids auto transport

If you are bidding on auto transport jobs, the golden rule of thumb is to consider the competition, your time and price of fuel. In the beginning stage of business when you haven't yet build a reputation, you can win jobs by underbidding the competition. What you need to keep in mind is that there would be less earning in the first phase. However your willingness to cut your profit at first will pay off as you develop a steady clientele and regular referrals.

There are many companies who are involved in car delivery and you need to register with their websites who acts as a third party matching service. The transporters can bid on the job posted by customers and businesses who want to transport their automobiles. Some of the sites sell their services on a commission basis, while there are other sites which are free based. For getting profits, you need to utilize shipping brokers that charge a commission for every job you receive through them. In such cases they would provide regular quality leads. Some of the sites would not charge a membership fee but they would ask for commission once you have won a bid from their site.

The customers would be seeking credibility of the vehicle transporters. So you need to list your accomplishments, years of experience, amount of insurance coverage you offer with every load and any training or certificates you possess for ensuring authenticity. You can also emphasize the trust by including any guarantees that you are willing to offer like time of delivery, cleanliness of car at delivery and no hidden charges. If you are affiliated to any organizations, it is better to list the names too.

Finally you must also understand the reasons why you lost a bid. It may be happen at times that you lose a bid and you need to respectfully ask the referring agent or the client why they chose another vehicle transporter over you. Knowing the reason is a good opportunity to fine tune your tune bidding procedures by adding services, changing the content on your bids so that you would get hold of many bids.