Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spain leads go down in European car sales

Car sales in Europe's most important economies slowed again last month, official figures have shown. Passenger car sales in Spain dropped 27 % year on year, said Spanish carmakers association ANFAC, while order in Italy was also dropped by 14 percent.

The continent's largest car market in Germany car sales go down by 18 %, although German automakers association VDA said October 4 that German exports were up slightly thanks to getting better demand in the United States. US figures released Oct 1 showed that September sales were up by 29 % after a considerable drop in August.

British sales were drooped by 8.9 % according to official figures released Oct 6, even though the British Society of SMMT said that "demand for new cars has stabilized."

In French, CCFA said that sales in France fell by 8.1 % reported AFP October 1.

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