Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Transport your vehicle internationally or domestically.

There are important things that should be done in your vehicle before leaves the harbour.
  • Wash the vehicle for the perfect inspection. Because the vehicle is inspected make sure it’s wash and clean inside and out for the inspection.
  • Remove the personal items which are kept in your vehicle. Go through your vehicle and also the trunk and remove your personal items.
  • In your vehicle you have to keep only 25 percent of the gas in the gas tank. Most of the auto shipping companies recognize the more gas in the tank in your vehicle means more weight which means more fuel for the transporter easily to burn.
  • Protect or remove any loose parts and also remove the antenna or any other peripheral parts. Some parts that can’t be removed like fog lights, spoilers, or side mirrors. Wrap such parts with protective covering.
  • Make sure that your vehicle is in well working condition. If you want to drive your vehicle upon the arrival and you must check that the fluid levels are good, the tires are pumped up and the battery is charged.